About Us

Computer Ultra has proudly served Canada as one of the most recognized distributors of optical media since 1996. As with our Canadian business partners, we express a desire to maintain high quality products and well-educated customer service. Rest assured, Computer Ultra will continue to live up to the integrity reflected in our singularity as "The Canadian Distributor of Optical Media."

Headquartered in Markham, Ontario, Computer Ultra is the leading distributor of media storage, optical media, productivity solutions, CD/DVD/BluRay duplicators, printers, batteries, components, peripherals, multimedia products and accessories to thousands of sub-distributors, resellers, Value Added Resellers (VAR’s), systems integrators, national and regional retailers, and consultants across the globe. Our company’s products are widely used in a variety of markets including government, education, business and home environments.

Company Vision

Computer Ultra is a leading Canadian distributor, a private-label supplier and a partner in providing a number of high-tech products for the North American market. With ease of access to high-tech products, we positioned ourselves well to fill any customer's needs.

We strive to be the destination of choice by exceeding our customers expectations. We have achieved this by building excellent customer rapport and operational discipline.


We partner with manufacturers to service our customers to the highest potential. Computer Ultra is continually diversifying its product lines to meet the ever-changing market demand and development. As a leading distributor in North America, we are proud to do business with the thousands of resellers, VAR’s, systems integrators, national and regional retailers, and consultants from coast to coast. Computer Ultra’s distribution is managed from its Markham-based head office, as well as our satellite offices in California and Asia.

Strategic Alliances

One of Computer Ultra’s core strengths is the ability to partner with the world’s most prominent and respected technology companies while successfully distributing their products across the globe. This has allowed us to maintain our dedication to high quality products and unsurpassed customer service. We have successfully used our talents and experience to market major companies/brands giving them a strong North American presence. These brands include Philips, Prodisc, JVC/Taiyo Yuden, Rimage, Vinpower, Microboards, Ritek/Ridata, Macally and many others.

Service and Support

Our reputation is built on a solid foundation of providing superior service and support to our customers. Technical support is provided to VAR’s and resellers through Computer Ultra’s multi-lingual assistance. We also offer a number of additional value-added services to enhance our knowledge and reach of the North American market.