RITEK CD-R 8CM MINI 180MB White Inkjet Printable (Clear Hub) 100pcs Bulk Clear Wrapped With Vinyl Sleeve

RITEK has the largest capacity of recordable CD in the world. With the most advanced manufacturing technology and strict quality control system, though CD-R changes rapidly in writing speed, RITEK is capable of offering the highest quality and compatibility



RITEK is certified under QS 9000. Each RITEK CD-R has to pass multiple quality control tests before it is released, making it the most reliable optical data storage media.

RITEK RiData CD-R has achieved excellent environmental tests under high temperature and high humidity. After acceleration aging test, RITEK CD-R shows stable error ratio over 1,000 hours which is of the same class more than 100 years storage under room condition.

Brand: Ridata/Ritek
Manufacturer Part: R24S-IW
CUD Part Number: RICR8CMWI100PKS
Media Type Format: Mini CD-R (Mini CDR), CD Recordable Blank Media
Capacity: 21 Minutes/180MB
Surface Type: White Inkjet Printable (Clear Hub) Surface
Speed Supported: 4X/8X/16X Certified Recordable
Quantity: 100pcs
Package: Bulk Clear Wrap WITH VINYL SLEEVE
Carton: 1000pcs per carton

• Excellent compatibility with most CD-R/CD-RW drives
• Excellent for any general purpose data storages
• Low data error rate
• Can be played back on most CD/DVD-ROM and Players
• Complete product lines to satisfy all your recording needs



• Designed for optimum performance in CD-R writers with multi-speed (1X - 16X)
• Substrate: Polycarbonate
• Writing Layer: Cyanine dye, Phthalocyanine dye
• Reflective Layer: Ag (Silver)
• Protection Layer: Acry Laq.

• Conforms to the "Orange Book Part II"
• Durable, long lasting archives
• Excellent performance
• Long storage acceleration tests guarantee storage for more than 100 years
• Excellent light stability
• Very low BLER (block error rate)
• Best UV resistance & heat resistance
• Compatibility with readers and writers