Tyvek White CD/DVD/BLU-RAY Sleeves with 4" Clear Window and Flap 100pack Bulk

Tyvek is a DuPont registered trademark for a family of tough durable sheet products of high-density polyethylene fibers. It also makes for a simple, protective sleeve for your discs.



Tyvek® is a material developed by DuPont®. It is not only durable and strong but it is also extremely light weight and printable.

The exceptional whiteness of Tyvek?enhances graphic images. Tyvek?cd envelopes have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than paper and other cd sleeve materials. It's not only significantly lighter than paper, it's stronger. Which can be pretty important when you're sending discs by mail. Tyvek?cd sleeves are incredibly water and moisture-resistant, making it just as protective in a hurricane as it is from a coffee spill at the office. Liquids simply run off its smooth surface, keeping the contents perfectly dry. The Tyvek cd sleeves hold 1 CD with a 4" round Mylar window for easy label viewing. Safe for DVD storage too!

Brand: Generic
Manufacturer Part: NA
CUD Part Number: TYVEK4CWFL100
Quality: Strong, Light wreight, incredibly water and moisture-resistant
Material: Tyvek and Clear (Poly) Window
Capacity: 1 disc
Surface Type: White and Clear (Poly) Window
Quantity: 100pcs
Dimension: 4 7/8" x 5", w/ a Flap 1.5" x 5" (ungummed), Clear (Poly) Window 4 1/8" (Centered)
Package: NA
Carton: 2000cs per carton

Place standard size CD, DVD or Blu-ray in Tyvek Sleeve Window Envelope face out. Fold flap over and tuck in to back or seal with tabseal


• Weight is lighter than white paper sleeves but the material is stronger than white paper sleeves.
• Reduced shipping costs while protection is stronger than standard white paper sleeves.
• Made with genuine Dupont tyvek material.
• Dupont provides the highest quality tyvek in the world.
• Tyvek material is a material patented by Dupont.
• Automated packaging grade quality.
• Good for both end user customers and large volume replication factories.
• Less space storage