DVD 14MM STANDARD (1-Disc) Single Frosted Clear Case with Clips & Full Sleeve

DVD 14MM STANDARD SINGLE(1-Disc) Single Frosted Clear Disc Case with Clips for DVD/CD/Blu-Ray Media Storage. Made with 100% New Polypropylene Material.



This case holds 1 CD/DVD/BluRay discs. It has a clear outer film in which artwork can be inserted. This is a secure locking case, which has a push button for easy discs removal. Fixed place hubs provide more protection for optical media.

This stylish and durable DVD case is ideal to protect your CDR/DVDR/BluRay. The same secure case is used by major studios.

Brand: Generic
Manufacturer Part: NA
CUD Part Number: DVD14SDFCLR100
Quality: A Grade
Material: 100% New Polypropylene Material
Capacity: 1 disc
Surface Type: Frosted Clear
Quantity: 1pc
Dimension: 191.6 x 136.4 x 14 (MM) 7.5 x 5.4 x 0.57 (inch)
Package: Cardboard Box
Carton: 100pcs per carton

• Made with 100% new polypropylene plastic
• Exterior clear outer film which can hold your artwork
• 2 interior plastic clips which can hold a booklet
• Protects discs from scratching or bending
• Push button to release disc with one touch
• By pressing down the push button hub, the user can remove the disc smoothly without having to forcefully pull out the disc.
• Shape: Rectangular