JEWEL CASE Standard 10.4MM Regular with Crystal Clear Tray Single CD/DVD Media Disc Storage

CD Jewel Case: The standard CD Jewel case is the most common and affordable CD packaging available. It is a 3 piece construction with a removable tray. The standard colour for the jewel case tray is black but it is available in several colours including white, red, blue and clear. The front of the standard CD jewel case can hold a booklet of up to 32 pages. The back of the jewel case normally holds card, printed one side, with two spines. The card may be printed on both sides if a clear tray is used. As seen in many music stores, the jewel case may be cellowrapped (usually cost effective for quantities from 500 and above) to protect it from marking as well as protecting the inside content.

The jewel case family includes the standard case which holds one CD and cases which hold multiple CDs up to the 6 CD case. Also, available are the slim-line case.



Brand: Generic
Manufacturer Part: NA
CUD Part Number: JCSDCCLR100CT
Quality: High quality single hard plastic Jewel Case with Crystal Clear tray
Material: Injection moulded Polystyrene
Capacity: 1 disc
Surface Type: 10.4mm Assembled Clear Cover/Clear Tray
Quantity: 100pcs
Dimension: Approx. 142 x 124 x 10(mm), 5.59 x 4.88 x 0.40(inch)
Package: Cardboard Box
Carton: 100pcs per carton

• High quality single hard plastic Jewel Case with Clear tray.
• Industry standard durable case holds 1 disc.
• Specially designed to hold artwork/insert in front and back.
• Super clear front makes perfect CD/DVD display.
• Clear tray.
• Ideal for protecting DVD-R(RW), CD-R, and CD-RW discs
• Name: Durable CD jewel case with clear tray
• Standard CD Jewel Case with Clear Tray For CD/DVD Packaging
• Shape: Rectangular