Verbatim DVD+R8.5Gb 2.4-6X Dual Layer White Thermal Printable Surface (Everest, Teac Compatible)

The DL DVD+R (dual-layer) media is the newest technology breakthrough in optical discs. The advanced, single-sided disc has an amazing 8.5GB of storage capacity, enough for up to four hours of DVD-quality video, 16 hours of VHS-quality video, or over 120 hours of MP3 audio. It is compatible with all current DVD video players and DVD-ROM drives as well as new DVD+R DL drives, the disc is ideal for virtually any business or household application.

New technology allows material to be either read or recorded on one layer without affecting material on the other layer. An important advantage of the double-layer configuration is convenience. It allows users to read, write, or view nearly twice the amount of data than with the currently popular single-layer 4.7GB DVD discs without having to flip sides or change discs.



Brand: Verbatim
Manufacturer Part: 95335
Media Type Format: DVD+R DL (Dual Layer) DVD Plus R Blank Media
Capacity: 8.5GB/240 Minutes
Surface Type: White Thermal Printable Surface
Speed Supported: 2.4X Certified Recordable
Quantity: 50pcs
Package: Cake Box Spindle
Carton: 200pcs per carton

• Excellent compatibility with writers and players
• Excellent for any general purpose data storages
• Relatively low cost per megabyte
• Largest compatible DVD back-up and data archiving format for computer drives
• Ideal for archiving home movies

COMPATIBILITY -- Requires DVD plus type recorder with dual layer (double layer, DL) recording capability. New machines from BenQ, Sony, Philips and other manufacturer's are now introducing these models

The industry's first Double-Layer DVD+R (DVD+R DL) discs. The new 2.4x media nearly doubles the storage capacity on DVD recordable discs from 4.7GB to 8.5GB on a single side while maintaining compatibility with existing DVD video players and DVD-ROM drives.



• Continuity of video playback: OTP (Opposite Track Path )
• Areas for OPC
• Lead -Out finalization for compatibility with DVD-ROM
• Writes dummy data in remaining data area
• Middle zone length can be decided by application/PC in order to shorten finalize time